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5 Reasons to Check Your Vehicle’s Diagnostics After Winter

After a long and often harsh winter, your vehicle may need more than just its standard oil change to keep it in good shape throughout the year.

If you have any doubts about whether you need to check your vehicle’s diagnostics or engine diagnostics, here are 5 good reasons from Beck’s Auto Center on why you should do so sooner rather than later.

1. Prevent Expensive Fixes

Driving in winter weather puts your vehicle under a lot of stress, which can easily damage it. When you pull into an auto repair shop with a car or truck that’s freezing up or stalling out, be sure to ask if they can check its diagnostics for free.

If your vehicle’s sensors and electronics have survived one winter, there’s no reason not to do everything you can to ensure they survive another one too. Most auto repair shops offer diagnostic checks as part of their service; even if yours doesn’t, you should still consider paying for one on your own. You could end up saving yourself hundreds (or even thousands) down the road by catching small problems before they become big ones.

2. Stay safe

by having your engine diagnostics checked you could avoid costly repairs

If you live in a cold climate, your vehicle likely spent several months outside during winter. Make sure all repairs have been made and that nothing has become damaged over these cold months. The most important part of an inspection is checking for any leaks or damage, and having an auto repair service check your vehicle’s diagnostics will give you peace of mind that everything is up to par before hitting those warm weather roads.

In addition to leaks and damages, it’s also recommended that you bring your car into an auto repair shop if it hasn’t had regular maintenance. Some of the main things they should be looking at are: tires (including tread depth), brakes (brake pads, rotors, calipers), suspension components (ball joints, tie rods), drive shafts/CV joints/universal joints/u-joints and belts/hoses/clutches/gaskets.

3. Avoid Crashes

If you notice your vehicle is exhibiting some unusual behavior, it’s a good idea to get it checked out by an auto repair service. When driving in bad weather conditions like snow or rain, things like ABS, traction control and other safety systems can misfire. Ensure that your vehicle is performing properly at all times and avoid crashes.

In addition, auto repair services can also look for issues such as engine oil leaks that could be dangerous if left unaddressed. Finally, winter often means salty roads and corrosive road salt which can damage components on your car over time—the sooner you have these issues looked at, the better!

4. Keep Your Resale Value High

keep your vehicles resale value high by getting your engines diagnostics checked

The resale value of your vehicle is greatly impacted by maintenance and proper driving habits. One reason vehicles lose their value over time is due to poor gas mileage, but another reason—and potentially more costly—is due to poor engine diagnostics.

If you fail to regularly check your car’s diagnostics, you may not notice that parts of your car’s engine are failing until it’s too late; these parts might ultimately need replacing, which can cost thousands of dollars.

5. Longer Lasting Car Parts

When you drive in freezing conditions, your vehicle’s parts—particularly rubber ones like tires and windshield wipers—take a beating. Then they need more time to recover when winter’s over. Spring is a great time to check your vehicle’s diagnostics, so you can be ready for summer road trips without any hiccups. In fact, it may even save you money on repairs down the line! Plus, most auto shops will give discounts if you bring them your diagnostic report from before winter. You might just get lucky!

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