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AC Repairs for a Hot Wife, Husband, ….

No one like’s sweltering in a car on a hot, humid summer day. Perhaps your car’s AC is not blowing cold air, or the airflow is minimal, or it just doesn’t work at all, now is the time to get your vehicle’s air conditioning system checked out and working like it should.

The #1 Complaint We Hear …. My AC no longer cools like it used to.

There are several reasons the cooling capability of your AC unit can diminish. A refrigerant leak, a bad compressor, a clogged or leaking tube or hose, a failed blower motor or condenser, or even a blown fuse can reduce your AC’s cooling capacity.

Here are some of the most common problems we see at Beck’s.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks in your vehicle’s AC system are the No. 1 problem leading to poor AC performance. Fortunately leaks are the least expensive and easiest AC problem to remedy.

Compressor Failures

A compressor is the pump that circulates the coolant throughout the cooling system and can fail due to coolant leaks or just because the mechanical components eventually wear out. Replacing a compressor can cost a few hundred dollars, but unfortunately there is no cold air without it.

Condenser, Evaporator Don’t Work Properly

These two components have a lot to do with creating cold air in your vehicle. When one of these components doesn’t work as they should, often the air from your AC unit will not be as cool as you might expect.

Leaking Seals and Loose Hoses

Seals and hoses that go bad can impact the circulation of air throughout your vehicle. When they come loose, develop cracks or become clogged for any reason, you will notice a decrease in air flow. Hoses and seals can normally be repaired fairly easily.

Please note that when your AC is running optimally, you should see some water under your vehicle.

Electronic Modules Fail

If you can’t get the temperature inside the vehicle to set correctly then the electronic controls that govern your car’s temperature may not be working properly. You’ll need to have this checked using diagnostic equipment that can pinpoint the problem.

Keeping Everyone Cool

For more on how Beck’s will help keep everyone cool, including your wife and everyone else in your family, go to AC Repair Service. You can make an appointment that fits your schedule by going to Make An Appointment.

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