Find Out How You Can Get Back Beck’s Bucks

Beck's Bucks | Customer Appreciation ProgramHere at Beck’s Auto Center we pride ourselves on customer retention. Whether you are a customer visiting Beck’s Auto Center for the very first time or you have been a regular customer for years, we have started the Beck’s Bucks Program just for you.

Just What Are Beck’s Bucks?

Beck’s Bucks are just like money that you can spend at Beck’s Auto Center! We rock that way!

How Can I Earn Beck’s Bucks?

You will earn Beck’s Bucks on most services or repairs you have performed on your vehicle in our shop.

Are There Services or Repairs That Will Not Earn Me Beck’s Bucks?

Yes, you will not receive Beck’s Bucks on small or minimal repairs such as exhaust section repairs, tire repairs, oil changes, etc.

How Do I Get My Beck’s Bucks?

Beck’s Auto Center will send your Beck’s Bucks directly to your home via the mail after the work to your vehicle has been satisfactorily performed in our shop by our expert technicians.

How Do I Use Beck’s Bucks?

You can save your Beck’s Bucks and use them to pay for future service or repairs done at Beck’s Auto Center.
You can spend them to have work done on your exhaust system, electrical repairs, cooling system repairs, air conditioning repairs, tires,
and so much MORE!

If you have additional questions about the Beck’s Bucks Program or wish to find out more details please contact us.

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