Belts and Hoses

belts and hoses

Belts are essential to the cooling, air conditioning and charging systems. Most vehicles are equipped with a one main serpentine belt that routes around the entire pulley system. If not replaced and it were to break, the vehicle could lose:

    • Alternator operations. Vehicle needs the alternator to charge the battery. Without the alternator the vehicle will eventually stall and not restart.
    • Water pump. When the water pump is not moving it isn’t moving vital coolant that helps cool your engine which leads to your vehicle overheating and could cause major damage.
    • Power steering operations. If you lose the belt and have to steer the vehicle manually, you better have some pretty strong arms. This will make it extremely hard to maneuver your vehicle.
    • Air Conditioning. This component as well as others will not work either. The Air Conditioner compressor uses the belt for operation.


Hoses help navigate coolant to the vital components of the engine. Hoses can breakdown over time and need to be inspected at every oil change or service. Some manufacturers recommend replacement at a certain mileage. Clamps should be inspected and replaced when needed. During inspection look for hoses becoming extremely hard or soft/mushy.

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