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Time Honored Indianapolis 500 Race Traditions

May 2019

The first Indianapolis 500 race took place in 1911. With this race’s long history as the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” numerous traditions surrounding the race have been created.  For many fans these traditions are an important part of the race experience that they look forward to every year. Prepping to Attend the Indy 500 There…[ Read More ]

Lafayette Area Summer Camps

April 2019

How to Find the Right Summer Camp for Your Child (Includes a List of All Greater Lafayette Summer Camps) The range and type of summer camps available for our children offer many experiences and learning opportunities.  Camps give our children a chance to make new friends, try new things, and gain a greater sense of…[ Read More ]

15 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Fun Facts

March 2019

Over the next three weeks, sports fans will be anxiously checking their phones for scores, employees will be sneaking looks at games online, and sports bars will be flooded with TV-viewing patrons as March Madness unfolds. So to help stimulate a little more conversation here are 15 interesting facts and stats that every fan of…[ Read More ]

Is Your Car Ready for that Long Spring Break Trip?

February 2019

The cold weather outside has you looking forward to that spring break get away to Florida or other vacation spot. For those of us living in central Indiana, unfortunately, none of these warm weather locales is very close. Those planning to drive to their spring break destination will be putting a large number of miles…[ Read More ]

9 Things Your Vehicle Needs to Survive this Winter

January 2019

Winter weather is hard on an automobile, truck or SUV.  Extremely cold temperatures, snow and ice can lead to hard starts, rough idling, stalling and even accidents. Those who are lucky enough to have a garage to keep your vehicle in at night will experience fewer problems than those whose cars have to brave the…[ Read More ]

Fun Facts About Christmas

December 2018

10 Fun (and Little Known) Facts about Christmas Christmas is observed by billions of people around the world.  Since it first began as a religious celebration for Christians, Christmas has become a widely celebrated religious and secular holiday.  It drives significant economic activity in the United States where Christmas purchases account each year for 1/6…[ Read More ]

Worry Free, Dependable & Safe Winter Driving

November 2018

Winter driving in our part of Indiana presents a number of challenges each year. Freezing rain, snow, sleet and frigid temperatures can cause our vehicles to not start or be more prone to being in an accident. Being proactive and getting your vehicle ready for winter now will ensure it is safe, reliable, and will…[ Read More ]

Lafayette Area Halloween Activities for Kids

October 2018

Each year we like to highlight some of the kid friendly Halloween activities in our community.  Most of  these events for the little ones there are “not too” spooky.  There are a couple for those older and braver souls that are meant to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Lafayette…[ Read More ]

Timely Timing Belt Maintenance

September 2018

Your timing belt can leave you stranded in the middle of the road in the middle of the night. Many of us do a pretty good job of making sure our oil gets changed, our tires rotated and our brakes replaced when needed.  But we often overlook one of the more crucial parts of our…[ Read More ]

Is Your Student’s Car Ready for College?

August 2018

The new school year is here and for the many students returning to colleges, either across town or across the country, their minds are on class schedules, textbooks, or who will be their new roommate.  For those returning to their alma maters with cars, there is some preventive maintenance that should be done to insure…[ Read More ]

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