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Driveline Fluid Services

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Driveline Fluid Services

Forward Motion

Your driveline is what takes the engine power from the transmission and uses it to turn the wheels. Depending on the way your vehicle is set up, your driveline system will have a different set of components to transfer power to the rear wheels, front wheels, or all the wheels.


Driveline service involves changing the fluid in the components that transfer power to the wheels. This will keep these components lubricated so they operate at their best and stay protected from wear and tear over time.

Do I Need Driveline Service?

  • Rumbling or whirring noise when going over 15mph
  • Clunking noises
  • Banging noises or skipping around corners
  • High-pitched noise when accelerating
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Front & Rear Differentials

A differential serves 2 purposes—it will turn the axle to provide vehicle motion and it will allow the wheels to turn independently to prevent slipping and to allow even power distribution to all of the drive wheels. Having your differential(s) inspected and the fluid replaced is a part of the regular auto maintenance that keeps your car in tip-top shape.


Transaxles combine the functions of a transmission and an axle. Transaxles exist on vehicles that have the engine and drive axle in the same place on the car. This includes front-wheel drive, front engine cars, like most small and mid-size cars, and rear-wheel drive cars with the engine in the back, like many sports cars. Changing the fluid in a transaxle accomplishes transmission and differential service at once.

Transfer cases

Transfer cases exist in 4-wheel drive and some all-wheel drive vehicles. Their function is to switch the transfer of power from one axle to both axles and back. Without a functioning transfer case, you’d only have a 2-wheel drive vehicle, or you won’t have power to the wheels at all.

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