Drivetrain / Driveline

The driveline is the vehicle system that pushes an automobile forward or in reverse. It runs between a vehicle’s transmission and drive axles, and transmits power that turns the wheels. Without a driveline, the power created in the engine would stop in the transmission and never turn the wheels. In this regard, the driveline is a critical component to make a vehicle function properly. The driveline consists of more than one solid line. Like many vehicle systems, the driveline includes several individual components that are pieced together with precision to serve a specific purpose. The driveline includes a drive shaft with a universal joint at each end. The complexity does not end here. The engine powers the drive shaft to turn much like a propeller, but because it runs from the front to the back of the car, the torque needs to be transferred at a 90 degree angle to properly propel the car.

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