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Fuel System Cleaning Service

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Fuel System Cleaning Service

Clean Fuel, Efficient Vehicle

It shouldn’t be any mystery that having a proper flow of fuel to the engine is essential for your car to run—and to run well. As cars age, the fuel system can get clogged with deposits from the gallons and gallons of fuel your engine consumes during trips.

We can help remove those deposits with a multistep chemical cleaning service. This will help boost performance while protecting critical engine parts from contaminants and the effects of clogged components.

Why Do I Need a Fuel System Cleaning?

  • Lack of acceleration
  • Rough idle
  • Pinging and knocking
  • Misfiring
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Possibility of engine component damage
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What’s Involved With a Fuel System Cleaning?

We use a 3-step cleaning kit from True Brand® that includes fuel system cleaner, induction system cleaner, and throttle body cleaner for a complete clean and ongoing protection.

Fuel System Cleaner

Our chosen fuel system cleaner will remove harmful deposits and moisture as it cleans your whole fuel system. As it cleans it also lubricates injectors, rings, valves, and upper cylinders.

Throttle Body Cleaner

Throttle body cleaner will remove contaminants from the air intake system, which works in tandem with the fuel system to produce effective combustion. The areas cleaned include the throttle body, throttle valve, PCV valves, and idle air control valves.

Induction Cleaner

Our 2-stage induction cleaning works to ensure that the induction system that supplies your car with clean air for combustion is able to do that job the best it can. The product we use allows for thermally stable detergents to remain in the system for a longer-lasting clean.

Fuel Treatment

Once your fuel system is thoroughly cleaned, we can go the extra mile by treating the actual fuel that goes into your tank. You may think that gasoline is a straightforward chemical fuel, but it’s actually a feat of chemical engineering, formulated to work just right with your engine. This means that the various chemicals within your gasoline have the potential to be affected by outside forces and the natural result of resting in your gas tank.

Our chosen fuel treatment from True Brand® works to rectify these issues as it removes water and provides a more stable mixture of the ethanol and gasoline in your tank for better fuel economy, better compression, and boosted octane. This is all while cleaning and lubricating the system.

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