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Fuel System Repair

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Fuel System Repair

Keep Your Engine Fed

The fuel system feeds your engine the gasoline it needs to run. If any of the parts in the system break down, your engine will not run. The fuel system is a critical piece in storing and delivering gasoline or diesel fuel to your engine. Typical components are the fuel filter, injectors, fuel pump, sending units, fuel tanks and fuel lines. Over time, fuel system deposits rob your vehicle of gas mileage and acceleration while increasing harmful emissions.

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Does My Fuel System Need Repair?

Dirty Fuel Filter

Your fuel filter keeps contaminants from being sent through to the engine. Over time, it will get dirtier until it gets clogged. If it isn’t replaced at its regular interval, it could cause trouble with other systems down the line.

Faulty Fuel Sending Unit

The fuel sending unit sits on top of the gasoline in your gas tank and measures how much fuel is left. If your fuel gauge isn’t working, this is a likely culprit.

Leaky Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors inject fuel into the cylinders to mix with air for combustion. A leaking fuel injector will cause your engine to run “rich,” which means there’s too much gasoline in the air/fuel mix. You may see dark smoke coming from the exhaust, poor acceleration, and bad fuel economy.

Fuel Injector Clog

The opposite of the above problem, a clogged fuel injector can lessen the amount of fuel that goes into the cylinders. This can cause poor performance, difficulty starting, backfiring, and stalling.

Bad Fuel Pump

Your fuel pump sends the fuel from the gas tank to the engine. If your fuel pump is malfunctioning, you may experience poor performance, stalling, or your car may not start at all.

Have Beck’s Service Your Fuel System

If your vehicle feels a bit choked up, our guys at Beck’s can handle it. Get in touch today!


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