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Get To Know Beck’s Auto Team – Caleb Martin

Caleb Martin, Manager

A Passion From the Start

For Caleb Martin working on cars and trucks has been a passion since high school and when he solves a difficult problem on a customer’s vehicle he gets a great since of accomplishment. Today Caleb is the Manager at Beck’s Auto Center.

Caleb got his start working at Kincaid Auto Sales in Lebanon while attending Ivy Tech in their automotive vocational program. After eight years at Kincaid, he spent two years in JD Byrider’s auto service group. During this time he got to know Rob Hancock and in May 2007 Caleb joined the Beck’s Auto Center team.

In his role as manager, Caleb oversees the schedules and operations in the shop while continuing to do what he loves … fixing those tough problems on customer’s cars, vans, trucks and SUV’s. Caleb is certified in Heating and Air, Engine performance, Engine repair, Brakes, Steering/Suspension, Manuel Transmissions, Electrical and Factory Maintenance.

Get to Know Caleb Martin

A native of Tennessee, Caleb’s family relocated to Frankfort in 1994 where Caleb attended Frankfort High School.  Following graduation Caleb took classes at Ivy Tech full time in their automotive vocational program.

Caleb is married to Lynett and they have two daughters and one son, Paige, Emma, and Rylan.  As a family they enjoy watching movies and some TV shows.  Caleb enjoys working outside in the yard or on the house. Caleb is involved with his church and attends every Sunday with his family.

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