Heating and Cooling


    • Heater core, thermostats, Radiators, hoses, Cooling system services

heating and cooling systems

Air Conditioning

  • Compressor, Accumulator, Condensers, Lines, Expansion Valve/Filters, Recharges

Climate Controls

  • HVAC control Head, Cabin Air Filters, Blend air door, actuators, dual climate operations, Aux HVAC operations

Cooling System

Your vehicle engine coolant effects the overall dependability and longevity of your engine. The key parts of the cooling system remove heat from the engine/transmission and help dissipate the heat to the air outside.
heating and cooling systems
On average most cooling system should be serviced every 30,000 miles. This helps keep the system running clean and prevent any build up on the alloys.


************************* CAUTION ****************************

  • Always ensure you never check your cooling system when it is operating temperature.
  • This could be extremely harmful to you and any one around you at that time.
  • The best method is to check system when it completely cooled down.

************************* CAUTION ****************************

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