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Is Your Car Ready for that Long Spring Break Trip?

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The cold weather outside has you looking forward to that spring break get away to Florida or other vacation spot. For those of us living in central Indiana, unfortunately, none of these warm weather locales is very close.

Those planning to drive to their spring break destination will be putting a large number of miles on their vehicle and will want to make sure their car, van our SUV is ready for the long trip.

Simple Steps To Get Your Vehicle Ready

Before you leave home, there are several simple steps you can take to protect your vehicle, your trip and your loves ones.

Vehicle Prep

You’ll want your vehicle in top working order before you hit the road for warmer weather.

  • Change oil and filter
  • Inspect air filter and cabin air filter
  • Check tire pressure. Maintain at recommended levels. Don’t over inflate.
  • Inspect tire tread and look for signs of strain, bulges or other damage.
  • Replace wipers that streak your windshield, and make sure your window washing solution is full.
  • Check coolant, transmission, power steering, brake, washer fluid and drivelines.  Ensure they are all at the correct levels.
  • Make certain your tire jack and tire iron are in the car. Is your spare tire inflated?
  • Locate your owner’s manual and keep it handy.

Other Helpful Travel Tips

Along with getting your vehicle ready there are some other steps you can take to make sure your trip is enjoyable and safe.

Begin your trip with a clean car, both inside and out.  Knowing where everything is when you start makes for less hassle. Keep a small garbage bag inside the car.

  • Try not to put luggage on top of your car. It creates air drag, slows you down and uses more gas.  If it is unavoidable, use an enclosed cargo carrier mounted securely to your vehicle.  Beck’s is an authorized dealer for Thule.  
  • Know your personal driving limits and plan your trip accordingly. Trying to drive 12, 14 or 16 hours straight can be dangerous. If you are determined to make a long drive without spending the night along the way, have someone available to share the driving duties.
  • Slow down a little. A steady driver can cover more miles and still enjoy some of the scenery along the way. You’ll also save on gas over the long haul.
  • Leave the Red Bull and coffee at home. If you get tired, pull over and rest. If it’s midway through the day, try a nap of about 30 minutes. If it’s late find a motel.  It’s not worth risking your family’s safety if your body is telling you it needs rest.
  • During personal travels to Florida we encountered a storm that left three states without power. We found traveling with some cash meant we didn’t have to rely solely on our debit/credit cards. When we ran low on fuel we found it helpful to call ahead to upcoming gas stations to see if they had power.  We used the app IExit to help us.  
  • Keep a spare key for the car in your purse or elsewhere on your person in case you lock your keys in the car.

Let Beck’s Help Get Your Vehicle Ready

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Spring break is a time to get away with the family, enjoy some warm weather and relax.  Take a little time before your journey to make sure your vehicle and your family are ready.  This will ensure a long trip is not made longer by an untimely breakdown or other problem.

Beck’s Auto Center offers a Pre-Trip Inspection Service for just $49.95. Call or TEXT us at 765-447-9459 or go online to schedule an appointment.

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