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Letter to Purdue Parents

beck's auto center proudly offers expert suto service to locals & purdue students

Greetings to Boilermaker Parents,

Congratulations for putting in the hard work and raising your child to be Boilermaker material! We’re proud to be a fixture in the Greater Lafayette community, providing expert auto service and repair for locals as well as Purdue students from all over the world.

As your child is preparing to become a new leader for the upcoming generation, they’re going to need a little support and assistance along the way. We know that so many of you, while you’re here for your student in spirit, you may actually be in another state—or another country! This can certainly make it difficult to lend a hand when your student needs help.

Running an auto service shop in a college town, we’re well acquainted with this struggle. We’ve helped quite a few young people that needed help and advice with their vehicle when Mom and Dad were too far away for much more than moral support.

The helpful folks at Beck’s Auto Center are more than happy to be your eyes and ears for everything automotive while your child is away at college—possibly with a car that belongs to you!

We can help your student with anything from regular maintenance and general automotive advice to serious repairs.

As your student embraces their home away from home, we hope to be a welcome extension of your family as we help out with guidance and support to help your child make a smooth and safe transition to the next part of their life.


The Beck’s Auto Team

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