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if you need a ride wile your vehicle is iin the auto shop, beck's auto center has you covered

we have you covered

Need a Ride?

We all know what it’s like to be without a vehicle—and if you need an extensive auto repair, you may already be feeling this strain. That’s why Beck’s offers you multiple services to help you get around while your car is being serviced. Whether it’s a quick shuttle ride to and from work, an Uber reimbursement, or a loaner vehicle to help get you and the kids where you need to go, we’re here to make sure that car repairs don’t slow you down.

beck's auto center lafayette indiana offers a free shuttle service
Free Shuttle Service

For repairs that take some time to complete, Beck’s offers a free shuttle service in Lafayette, IN and West Lafayette, IN to better serve you.

Since we provide our services in a college town, we are familiar with students whose family and friends are in another state or country, and they have no one to help them get around while their car is in the shop. We offer a free shuttle service that will drop students off at the Union or the Northwest McDonald’s and pick them back up when the repairs are complete.

beck's auto center lafayette indiana offers uber reimbursement to its customers
Uber Reimbursement

If your vehicle will be at the shop for more than 2 BILLABLE hours of work, we will reimburse you for an Uber ride up to $20 per repair order. Our staff will let you know if you qualify for this service after the initial inspection.

We will not reimburse for oil changes, tire repairs, alignments etc. unless those services are performed along with other services that total 2 billable hours. If you have any questions, please call or TEXT us at
(765) 447-9459.

beck's auto center provides loaner vehicle's to customers while their car is in the shop
Loaner Vehicles

Some services are quick enough for you to hang around and wait for it to be completed. But if you have an extensive repair, it may take the majority of a day or even a couple days to get it done. If you don't have another form of transportation, you'll be stuck taking a cab or coordinating with family members. 

This is why we offer free loaner vehicles for people with a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. We only ask that you top off the fuel before bringing it back.


Need a ride?

When your ride is in the shop, you still need to get around. When you schedule your appointment, ask us about our shuttle, loaner, or Uber reimbursement options.


Hear what our happy customers have to say about our excellent service.

They were very nice and helpful and did not try to force any extra repairs on me. Prices were fair and work was quick. They even came to get me when it was time to pick up my car so I didn’t have to find my own ride. 10/10 shop.

- Alex Krueger

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