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Most Haunted Sites in Indiana

October reminds many of us of ghosts and goblins and haunted houses.  For those with an interest in the paranormal and who are willing to go to some pretty scary places, we’ve put together our list of Indiana’s Most Haunted Sites.

You’ll want to visit these locations after dark and when the moon casts its eerie shadows.  But also remember most of these sites are private property and checking with the owner before visiting is a must.


Originally opened in 1845 this historic resort hotel burned to the ground in 1897 and was rebuilt by Thomas Taggart, former mayor of Indianapolis and then-chairman of the Democratic National Committee.  It is the spirit of Tom Taggart that is said to linger around the service elevator as mists and phantom tobacco smells and causes the elevator doors to open and close on their own.

Others say he has appeared riding a horse in the ballroom or down the halls, and holds ghostly parties that the staff has heard through closed doors when no one else is in the ballroom.

According to Indiana Paranormal, the entire sixth floor of the hotel has a reputation as being haunted by shadows, breezes, footsteps, disembodied laughter and ghosts – including a room that calls the front desk when it’s unoccupied, and once even when there was no phone installed. Located in French Lick off SR 56.


Built in 1858, the Hannah House was reportedly the site of a horrible tragedy while it was serving as a way point on the Underground Railroad.  While hiding in the cellar one of the occupants accidentally tipped over an oil lamp, igniting a fire. Those killed were said to be buried in the very cellar where it happened.

Apparitions of slaves, moans and groans, and cold spots have been reported in the cellar. Former owner Mr. Hannah himself also has been seen upstairs and on the balcony, and an older woman’s apparition has been seen here as well. Located at 3801 Madison Ave, Indianapolis.


The railroad bridge that spans White Lick Creek in Avon was constructed in 1907 by immigrant Irishmen and was the site of a ghastly tragedy that still haunts this imposing site.

The tale is told of a mother, who while walking across the bridge to take her infant to a doctor, became trapped in the rails. As a train rapidly approached, she freed her foot from the rails, but was forced to jump off the bridge with her infant in her arms. The mother survived, but the baby died as a result of the fall. Unable to bear the pain of her child’s death the mother died a few weeks later.  Her ghost is rumored to walk along the bridge. Screams are also heard reverberating around the bridge, and along its arched tunnels. In many places the haunted bridge is silent and dark, filled with cold spots and mystic whirlpools of energy that disconcert the visitor. These tunnels are closed to visitors.  Located in Avon, Indiana.


First spotted in the 1930s by a custodian, the Grey Lady of Willard Library is dressed in the style of the 1880’s (the library opened in 1885). The aberration is quiet, pale, and non-malevolent and is said to lurk among the books where several library employees have reported seeing her.
Psychics visiting the library in 2007 say they were able to verify that a ghost has been there, and paranormal investigative groups have brought in equipment designed to locate it.

Hundreds of people look for the Grey Lady every October, during Ghost Tours sponsored by the library. Located at 21 N First Ave, Evansville, IN.


What list of scary places would be complete without including a haunted cemetery. The legend of the 100 Step Cemetery located in Brazil involves a certain section of steps where you must count to 100 while going in each direction. If you don’t, you are going to die soon.

For some it is said that when you get to the top of the stairs, the original caretaker of the grounds will appear and show you your death.  For those who try to go up the hill without using the stairs, a phantom hand will push you down the hill.  Located in Brazil, Indiana.


Whether traveling across the state or just in your neighborhood to look for scary things, be safe in your travels and keep a wary eye out for our children as they enjoy this time of year.

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