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Your car’s exhaust system has come a long way from the old days of exhaust pipes and mufflers. Today, the exhaust system has safety and emissions control all into one. The exhaust system routes dangerous gas safely from the engine and out of the vehicle. This keeps dangerous gases from affecting the driver and passengers. Not only does it reduce engine noise, the catalytic converter reduces levels of harmful pollutants in the exhaust. Finally, the oxygen sensor (O2), monitors the level of oxygen in the exhaust gases to maintain efficient engine and converter operations.

Beck’s has decades of experience offering a wide range of exhaust systems and muffler products to everyday drivers, farm/agriculture, auto dealers and many more.

How Do I Know Something Is Wrong With My Exhaust System?

  • Excessive engine noise
  • Chugging or rhythmic hissing noise
  • Poor performance
  • Check engine light is on
  • Burning or rotten egg smell in the cabin

What Are the Different Exhaust Parts?

beck's auto center lafayette indiana explains your vehicles oxygen sensor
Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor measures the oxygen level of the exhaust leaving the car. This allows the vehicle to monitor the fuel mixture to determine whether it’s running “rich” or “lean.”

beck's auto center lafayette indiana explains your vehicles exhaust manifold
Exhaust manifold

The exhaust manifold directs exhaust gas from the cylinders to the exhaust pipe.

beck's auto center lafayette indiana explains your vehicles catalytic converter
Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter removes some of the harmful toxic gases that come out of the exhaust.

beck's auto center lafayette indiana explains your vehicles tailpipe

The tailpipe is the literal tail of the exhaust system that expels the exhaust from the back of the vehicle.

beck's auto center lafayette indiana explains your vehicles resonator

You can think of the resonator as the pre muffler. It prepares the sound to be received by the muffler to minimize engine noise without sacrificing performance.

beck's auto center lafayette indiana explains your vehicles muffler

The muffler “muffles” the sound waves by sending them through chambers within the muffler.

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Beck’s Auto Center does muffler and exhaust service on all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs and in most cases offer same day service. Schedule an appointment today.


Hear what our happy customers have to say about our excellent service.

My Beck's experience was perfect from start to finish. I had a few different issues with my exhaust system so I called Beck's. They scheduled an appointment for the next day. They fixed my car in less than an hour, after fully describing, in detail, each part they were going to fix and/or replace. The price was very affordable and the service was professional and attentive. Thank You Beck's for fixing my car correctly and for making the car repair experience very simple and efficient.

- Julie Boutelle

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