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Our Snow Days Survival Kit

Our Snow Days Survival Kit

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With so many snow days this year and having the kids cooped up in the house more than normal, we thought we’d put together our Snow Days Survival Kit.  It includes something fun for the kids, a suggestion for a warm meal, and a little humor to get everyone through the long winter days.

Beck’s Auto Coloring Contest

With all the dreary winter days, we need help brightening up our office and auto shop. So the boys at Beck’s are holding a coloring contest for children under the age of 10.

Print out the picture of Disney’s Cars Lightening McQueen, apply your artistic coloring talents, and then send it to Beck’s Auto Center.

Winners Announced March 7th

We’ll hang up as many entries as we can and then on Friday, March 7th, we’ll announce our winners who will receive a $25 gift certificate to a fun place.

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Contest rules: Go to Cars Coloring Picture to print out your coloring sheet. One submission per contestant, must be 10 years old or younger, and entries must be received by March 3 at Beck’s Auto Center, 15 Sagamore Parkway, Lafayette, IN 47905. On the back of your picture, please write your name, age, and parent’s name, address and phone number.

A Favorite Soup Recipe

For a quick meal that tastes delicious, try our Speedy Tortellini soup recipe. It will warm up the entire family. For the recipe go to SPEEDY TORTELLINI SOUP.

A Little Winter Humor

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Q. What do you get when you cross a shark with a snowman?
A. Frostbite

Q. What do Snowmen have for Breakfast?
A. Snowflakes

Q. How does a Snowman get to work?
A. By icicle

Q. What do snowmen wear on their heads?
A. Icecaps

Q. What do snowmen eat for lunch?
A. Ice Bergers

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