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Over the River and Through the Woods (On the Busiest Travel Days of the Year)

Thanksgiving Holiday Travel

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go …. not to mention Aunt Susie’s, cousin Jim’s and, of course, the in-laws.   Getting together with family and friends makes this time of year very special.  So special that it is historically the busiest travel period of the year.

Prepping For That Family Trip

As you make that trip across town or across the state, you don’t want to have vehicle problems that ruin your holiday travels.  So here are a few tips that will ensure a more enjoyable time when you are on the road visiting family and friends.

Pre Trip Vehicle Check-Up

Check your wiper blades, have your oil changed and fluids topped off, and have your battery and tire pressure checked.  And don’t forget your spare tire.  If you need it, you want to make sure it is properly inflated.

Planning Ahead Can Avoid Problems

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Make sure you check traffic and weather conditions.  The worst days to travel in terms of traffic volume are the Wednesday prior to and the Sunday following Thanksgiving Day. If you can leave a day early or avoid Sunday, you won’t be sharing the road with so many other travelers anxious to get to their destinations.

Be Prepared – Just In Case

Have contact numbers for insurance, AAA, and family available, along with blankets, extra food, an emergency kit and jumper cables.  You’ll be glad you did, if the need arises.

For more on preparing your car for holiday travel go to Winter Driving Tips.

Enjoy the Journey

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Expect to hit traffic and for your trip to take longer than normal.  By building in extra time to reach your destination, you’ll minimize the stress on everyone.  Having a GPS available that will show you alternative routes can also be very helpful.

So slow down and enjoy the journey and especially the time with your family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving from Beck’s Auto Center!

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