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Potholes and Rough Roads Take Their Toll on Wheel Alignment

In Indiana potholes and rough pavement are a fact of life.  The cumulative effect of hitting these potholes and rough patches of road is one of the primary causes of your vehicle’s wheels being out of alignment.

Keeping Your Vehicle on the Straight and Narrow Road

Most of us start to feel our vehicles pulling in one direction or the other, or we see uneven wear on our tires, as an indication our wheels  are out of alignment.

It only takes a 1/8 inch of toe misalignment to drag the front tires sideways the equivalent of 28 feet for every mile traveled!

Keeping your vehicle’s alignment on the straight and narrow road has a number of benefits.

•    Proper alignment will maximize the miles you get out of your tires before they need replacing.  Regular wheel alignments insure your tires are wearing evenly which prolongs their useful life.

•    Keeping your vehicle aligned properly will give you higher fuel efficiency and improve your gas mileage.  Misaligned wheels cause the tires to create more friction between the tires and the road which negatively impacts your vehicle’s gas mileage.

•    Cars, vans, trucks and SUVs with wheels that are out of alignment can experience problems with other vehicle components.  These include your steering and brake systems.

This is the measurement of the horizontal position of the wheels in relation to the rest of the car.

•    Doing a wheel alignment at the time you purchase new tires will help you maximize tread life.  This will also keep you protected under your tire warranty.

If your tires wear out prematurely due to wheel alignment issues, the manufacturer may not honor the tires’ warranty since they are not considered to be the responsible party.

•    Having the wheels properly aligned assures optimum handling and traction for driving safety. Proper wheel alignment prevents your vehicle from drifting and gives you a more enjoyable ride and drive.

Avoid Unnecessary Repairs

Taking the time to have your vehicle’s alignment checked will help you avoid unnecessary, costly repairs caused by misaligned wheels.  Take advantage of our “Free Alignment Check” offer below.

Avoiding Local Road Construction

We are all thankful that Sagamore Parkway is getting some much needed TLC.  During this period of road construction getting in and out of Beck’s Auto Center may take a little longer.  We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you, but we are always flexible and will do our best to accommodate our customer’s in any way we can while the road upgrades are taking place.  For details on this road project visit Restore Sagamore .

Free Shuttle Service

Need a ride to work, school or home while your car is being worked on at Beck’s Auto Center?  We provide free shuttle service to and from your destination (within a 5 mile radius) for our customers.

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