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Prepping for the Summer Road Trip

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Summer is here and for many this means it’s time to load the family car or van up and hit the road. Heading out on the summer road trip is still one of the most economical and fun ways to explore the country, create great memories and bond as a family.

Tips for Getting Your Vehicle Ready

Part of making this summer time tradition a great experience is not having it spoiled by having to deal with a car trouble while on your vacation. So to help you make this year’s trip one without incident, Beck’s Auto Center is passing on a few tips based on years of observation.

Routine Maintenance

1. Tires … all four, including the spare need to be checked. Make sure they are properly inflated and that the tread depth and condition are at safe levels.

2. Hoses and Belts … need to be visually inspected. Look for cracks and frayed threads that mean the belt or hose is getting old.

3. Fluids … need to be checked making sure your antifreeze, brake, power steering and transmission fluid levels are at their proper levels. An oil change and new oil filter are always a good idea before going on a long trip. And don’t forget to check your windshield wiper fluid and blades.

4. Brakes … should be checked out especially if you are hearing any scraping or metal-on-metal squealing sounds.

5. Air conditioning … or lack of it, can make traveling miserable on a hot day. Have your air conditioner checked and your system flushed if necessary.

Emergency Preparation

Beck's brake inspection checklist

1. Cell phone … fully charged will allow you to call for help or service if you have car trouble on the road. Don’t forget your cell phone charger, one that will plug into your car’s auxiliary power outlet.

2. First Aid Kit … well stocked with bandages, gauze, pain reliever, allergy medication and antiseptic can come in handy for minor incidents that might occur on the road. You can add items to meet your family’s specific needs.

3. Tire Jack … locate it in your vehicle and make sure you know how to use it. There may not always be someone available to change a tire when you need help. Be prepared to do it yourself.

4. Other Tools … can come in handy. Carry a small tool box with various screwdrivers, a hammer, an adjustable wrench, needle nose pliers, baling wire, a can of WD-40, a rag and a flashlight.

5. “Travel Cash” … may not be needed often, but it can be very helpful if an establishment, street vendor, or others don’t take credit cards, or their system is down. Trust us, it can happen.

Our Final Tip … Have Fun Along the Way!

Traveling with a young family can have its moments as you are asked for the umpteenth time, “Are we there yet?” By building in some flexibility into your schedule you can take advantage of fun activities or interesting sites along your route and break up your drive.

As you travel across this great country of ours take some time to point out landmarks, play license plate bingo, or sing songs together. Your family can keep others updated on your progress by posting photos and comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Have fun on your journey as you create some unforgettable memories and don’t forget the batteries.

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