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prevent an overheated engine this summer with these tips from becks

3 Tips to Prevent Your Engine from Overheating This Summer

prevent your car from overheating this summer with these three tips from becks auto repair shop

If you’re dreading summer driving this year, you’re not alone. 

With temps on the rise and days lasting longer, it can be tough to drive in the heat without facing some major problems with your vehicle. Overheating is one of the biggest issues drivers will face in the summer months, but there are ways to prevent it from happening to you! 

The next time you’re driving in 90-degree weather, make sure you follow these tips from Beck’s Auto Center in Lafayette, Indiana, to prevent an overheated engine this summer!

1. Check Your Coolant Level

When your car’s engine is hot, water and coolant mix together in your radiator. However, if you don’t have enough coolant, it can lead to overheating. 

Check your coolant level every month, and top off when necessary—even if you’re only a few miles away from an auto parts store. You should also check for leaks around hoses or connections. If you find any, replace them immediately. In addition to being able to prevent overheating, replacing these parts will help ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly for years to come.

2. Keep Your Air Filter Clean

have your air filter changed with each oil chance at an auto repair shop

Check your car’s air filter every time you change your oil. If it is dirty, replace it immediately. 

A dirty air filter can cause your engine to overheat, and a dirty air-filter housing will eventually destroy your entire motor. Be proactive with routine oil changes and ensure that you have a clean air filter at all times. That way, you won’t end up stuck on an overheated highway in summer traffic.

3. Run Your Heat in an Emergency

If you’re afraid your vehicle is overheating, turn off your electronics and roll down all of your windows while turning on the heat (we know, not ideal in the summer)…

When you crank up the heat, you move hot air away from your engine, into the vents and into your car. This could prevent your engine from overheating until you’re able to pull over and call an auto repair shop.

Also, remember that different vehicles have different temperature tolerances. If it feels like your car is getting too hot or taking too long to cool down, check your owner’s manual for guidance on when it’s time to pull over and let things chill out for a bit.

4. Let Beck’s Auto Center Take a Look

Before chugging down the road for your summer roadtrip, get your car inspected! Auto repair shops can identify issues in hoses, your engine, electrical systems, and more! This means less breakdowns and less missing out on summer fun!
For help in Lafayette, Indiana, call (765) 563-5455 to schedule an appointment!

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