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Routine Maintenance Keeps Vehicles Running Smoother, Longer

Vehicles come in all shapes, sizes, makes and models, but regardless of how big the car, truck or SUV they all require routine maintenance in order to run smoothly and provide safe, dependable transportation.  Keeping your vehicle in top running order will not only extend the life of your vehicle, but it will also help avoid untimely breakdowns.

Let Beck’s Auto Center help keep your car, truck or SUV running smoothly by performing routine maintenance according to your automotive manufacturer’s guidelines.

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Beck’s Routine Auto Maintenance Services

Oil Changes

Critical parts of your vehicle’s engine need oil. By scheduling periodic oil and filter changes you will keep your engine clean, inside and out. More… Oil Changes


Make sure tire pressure is at the proper levels and tread depth is not below safe levels. More… Tires


Once a year you should have your vehicles alignment checked to help extend the life of your tires. More… Alignments

Brake Systems

Automotive brakes are a normal wear and tear item for any vehicle. Depending on your driving condition eventually they will need replaced. More… Brake Systems

Belts and Hoses

Belts are essential to the cooling, air conditioning and charging systems of your vehicle. Inspecting them regularly can prevent your vehicle from an untimely breakdown. More… Belts and Hoses

Charging, Starting & Batteries

Not only does the vehicle have to power the lights, radio, dash lights, turn signal, but we also need power to charge auxiliary devices like phones.More… Charging, Starting & Batteries

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Each vehicle manufacturer have different guidelines in which a vehicle should be maintained. More… Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Service You Can Trust

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Having your vehicle serviced by someone you can trust we know is important. That’s why at Beck’s Auto Center we’ll always make sure you understand what services are being performed and the estimated cost of those services prior to starting any work on your vehicle.

To schedule a time to bring your vehicle in go to Book An Appointment. You’ll also want to check out any special offers we have at Beck’s Coupons.

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