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Summer Outdoor Games Your Kids Will Love

We are halfway through the summer and the kids say they’re bored. They claim there is nothing to do and all you want is for them to go outside and play. In an effort to help parents come up with some fun outdoor games to be played with elementary aged children, we have provided the following suggestions. 

Lawn Twister

play these fun outdoor game ideas from becks auto center

Spray paint red, yellow, green, and blue dots onto grass to create your very own lawn twister game. Cut a 10 inch circle out of a pizza box and use it for a template. Contractors marking spray paint works well because it washes off.  Make your own spinner using cardboard, or just use the one from the box.

Corn Hole

This game is a tailgate party favorite, but also fun to play in the backyard. Distance between the boards can be adjusted according to the age of the players. Holding a family tournament can make it even more interesting for older kids. For those looking for official rules for corn hole, we have them here at How to Play Corn Hole.

Tossing bean bags for points can be a lot of fun.

Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Label each rung of a step ladder with points and let the kids try to get as many points as possible by throwing bean bags between the rungs. Easy to set up and your kids will love it.

Water Balloon Bobbing

Fill up a kiddie pool and add a number of water balloons. Have the kids try to grab a balloon with their mouth without using their hands. This is not as easy as it looks but lots of fun! It will also cool everyone down during these really hot summer days.

Sidewalk Chalk

Many children have used sidewalk chalk to pass the time and to explore their creative skills. Whether it’s used to practice letters, draw pictures, or write messages, chalk is a colorful and inexpensive toy.


bobbing for water balloons is a fun cool summer game
Bobbing for water balloons is not as easy as it may seem.

Not only is hopscotch a lot of fun, but it also develops your children’s coordination and balance. The rules are simple and kids can either draw their own course with chalk or have a parent help. Use stones, beanbags, buttons or small plastic toys as markers for each player.

4 Square

Bringing this popular schoolyard game to your home takes very little effort, just a ball that bounces well and a court made up of four equal sized squares.  Each player taps the ball into the square of another player who must then hit it to another square before the ball bounces twice in their square.

This game gets more challenging as players hit the ball more quickly and try to force other players to make a mistake which eliminates them from the game.

Be Mindful When Outside

Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your children each time they go outside. Wearing a hat is also a good idea. Taking a water break every 30 minutes or so is also important to keep everyone well hydrated, especially if it is really hot.

Not Being Bored

It is probably impossible for your children to not be bored at some point during the summer.  Having them try different outdoor games can fill their time and provide other benefits. Not only will they be more physically active, but their social and coping skills will improve as they learn to play by the rules, wait their turn, and how to be a good winner and loser.

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