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Tire Repair

take care of that slow leak before you wear out your tire or have a blowout with beck's auto center's tire repair service

Tire Repair

Keep on Rolling

Your tires are the literal point where the rubber meets the road, as the common saying goes. But the meaning behind the saying is true too—whether or not you reach your destination is dependent upon the state of your tires. Tires can become damaged in many ways and for many reasons. Certain types of damage can be fixed up at our tire repair shop, and others cannot. In the cases where the tire cannot be repaired, it must instead be replaced with a new one.

beck's auto center will access the puncture in your tire to see if a patch or total replacement is needed
Punctured Tire

Usually a puncture occurs as a result of debris in the road, like nails, screws, or rocks or glass. If the puncture doesn’t exceed ¼ inches and it is located on the tread of the tire, we can quickly repair it with a plug and a patch. However, if the puncture is on the sidewall of the tire, we cannot repair it—you’ll need a new tire.

beck's auto center lafayette indiana can install a tpms rebuild kit for you
TPMS Rebuild Kit

Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) includes a sensor in each tire that alerts you when your tire pressure is low. Just like any other electronic device on your car, these occasionally go bad. Also, they need to be serviced whenever the tires are removed. We can install a TPMS rebuild kit for you.

beck's auto center lafayette indiana can replace your cars faulty tpms sensor
TPMS Sensor

Newer cars are fitted with Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors to alert you when your tire pressure is low. When you see the warning light depicted above, it means either you have a low tire or the sensor has gone bad. If your pressure is good, you've reset the sensor, and the light is still on, chances are the sensor has gone bad.

beck's auto center will check your tires for tire wear & vibrations
Tire Wear & Vibration

Your tires will inevitably wear down over time. But sometimes, they can wear unevenly for a number of reasons. It might be pointing to another problem with your vehicle or you may have run over something hazardous. If you feel a vibration when you drive or you notice uneven wear, it's best to get it checked out sooner rather than later.

Repair Your Tire

If you have a slow leak or your tire light is on, come on into Beck’s tire repair shop to have it assessed.

Call or text us at (765) 447-9459 for tire repair in Lafayette, IN!

if you have a slow leak or your tire light is on, come on into beck’s tire repair shop to have it assessed


Hear what our happy customers have to say about our excellent service.

We have had Beck's perform several different services on our vehicles. Most recently the installation of 4 tires. They provided several options in response to my request for an estimate, promptly scheduled installation, and informed me that an alignment was not needed instead of proceeding unnecessarily. Very friendly and competent staff!

- Bryon Petschow

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