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Transmission Service

beck's auto center can help you prevent a costly expense with their transmission service

Transmission Service

Keep Your Wheels Turning

Your transmission is one of the most important and complex systems in your vehicle. It takes the energy from the engine and “transmits” it to the system that turns the wheels. If your transmission isn’t properly maintained, you can have a buildup of contaminants that can cause overheating parts, delayed or jerky shifting, and even complete failure of the transmission.

The importance and complexity of your transmission means that having to repair or replace this crucial part is very expensive. We can help you prevent this expense with our transmission service.

Why Do I Need Transmission Service?

  • Reduce wear on moving parts
  • Prevent gear slippage and rough shifting
  • Prevent expensive repairs from transmission failure
  • Continuing protection with advanced detergents and conditioners
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Replace Automatic Transmission Fluid

Like many of the components on your vehicle, the transmission requires specialized fluid to keep the different parts lubricated so it runs efficiently without burning up or damaging the moving parts. In order to clean out any contaminants that can cause damage, you’ll need to periodically replace your transmission fluid.

Replace Automatic Transmission Filter

Your automatic transmission filter removes contaminants from the fluid to help your transmission operate its best and reduce the amount of time between fluid changes. When we replace your fluid, we can also check and/or replace the filter.

Our Recommended Products

We use a 2-step premium transmission service kit. We start with the transmission cleaner to clean out the residual contaminants and old fluid. Then we add the transmission treatment to improve the new fluid’s ability to protect your transmission and last longer.

Investing in preventive maintenance can save you from major repair costs and the possibility of needing to replace your transmission.

  • Compatible with ALL ATF fluids
  • Extends transmission life
  • Helps prevent oxidation and fluid breakdown
  • Reduces friction to protect against component failure from wear & heat
  • Suspends varnish, sludge, and contaminants for better debris removal

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Hear what our happy customers have to say about our excellent service.

The staff was super friendly and explained everything to me. They had pictures of anything that needed done or will need some work in the near future. Price was reasonable. Highly recommend, best auto service I’ve received in a while!

- Jordan Martin

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