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What Is Labor Day?

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

Labor Day was born in the late 19th century from organized labor movements across the country. In September of 1882, unions in New York City decided to hold a celebration of labor unions and their hard-won battles to establish them. Soon after, unions in other states started to hold their own parades and celebrations. In 1894, twelve years after the first celebration, Labor Day became a national holiday.

Find out about some local destinations for celebrating this occasion with help from Beck’s Auto Center, your auto repair shop in Lafayette, IN!

How Lafayette Celebrates

Today, Labor Day is a heavy day for traveling to visit friends and family for cookouts and pool parties. COVID is still unfortunately cramping our style, but if you plan to stay local here in the Lafayette area, here are a couple of ways for you to get out of the house, get in the car, and enjoy the holiday.

But before you do, make sure your car is in good repair! Take care to get your regular maintenance done and see about diagnostics to prevent any additional auto repairs.

Lafayette Citizens Band Concert

Monday, Sept 6 – 7:00pm – Riehle Plaza

The Lafayette Citizens Band is one of the oldest bands still in operation in the United States. Their focus on keeping traditional music alive in the Lafayette community has been an ongoing mission for over 160 years. 

They play a concert for the community every Thursday during the summer, along with holidays. This is a fun, wholesome, and educational opportunity for the whole family to enjoy in Riehle Plaza in downtown Lafayette. Pack up the car and come on down on Labor Day to see the band for yourself!

Learn more about The Lafayette Citizens Band here.

Labor Day Weekend Free Family Day in Columbian Park

September 4, 2021 at 10am – 4:30pm 

Come celebrate Labor Day at Columbian Park for a day of fun and freebies! There will be FREE zoo admission, train rides, and pedal boat rides. Lending some vibrant ambience to the event as a whole will be FREE live music by Scott Greeson & Trouble with Monday. Don’t worry about finding a place to feed the family—there will be food trucks and more as well!

Learn more about the Labor Day celebration here.

Your Friendly Auto Repair Shop in Lafayette IN

No matter how you celebrate, we hope you have a great, relaxing time with your favorite folks. If you do decide to travel, be sure to make an appointment or get in touch with Beck’s Auto Center, your friendly auto repair shop in Lafayette, IN at (765) 447-9459 before you get on the road so that your holiday is safe, enjoyable, and as labor-free as possible.

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