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Which Summer Camp Is Right for My Child?

The range and type of summer camps available for our children offer many experiences and learning opportunities.  Camps give our children a chance to make new friends, try new things, and gain a greater sense of independence.

They also learn real life skills, bolster their self-esteem and learn about being part of a larger community.  Most of all they are creating memories that will last a life time.

Types of Camps Available

Purdue University’s Human Resources group has compiled a list of summer camp options for the Greater Lafayette area.  Although Purdue does not endorse any of these organizations, the work they have done to identify these camps provides parents with a wide variety of choices.  They recommend that parents contact providers directly to confirm location, programs, and rate information.

Animal Interests Camps

These camps give participants work enjoy being with animals a chance to explore their interests in horses, wildlife and even what it takes to become a veterinarian or veterinary technician.

Arts and Theater Camps

Arts and Theater camps allow campers to express their creativity in a variety of ways including crafts, singing, acting and dancing.

Educational Camps

Engineering, science, computer science and other educational programs are available for all age groups.  If your child has an interest in STEM subjects, or just wants to learn about something new, there is a camp for them.

General Camps

These camps offer traditional camp experiences, as well as an opportunity to try new things in a fun and safe environment.

Sports Camps

Kids looking for opportunities to develop their skills and have fun can pick from a variety of camps geared to different sports.

How to Choose a Summer Camp

Choosing a summer camp program for your child involves some important research. Visit the American Camp Association’s How to Choose a Summer Camp web site for information on key factors to consider when making a well-informed choice of a camp.

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