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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Winter Tire Alignment

If you’re one of the many people who put off having their wheels aligned until spring, you may want to rethink that choice! Winter tires are meant to help you handle ice and snow, but they can’t do this if your wheels aren’t properly aligned. 

Take it from Beck’s Auto Center, an auto repair shop in Lafayette, Indiana—winter tire alignment is important! Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t put off winter tire alignment until spring.

Wheel ask away!

Why should I get my tires aligned?

1) Prevents Tire Damage

Over time, tires can get out of alignment, making them vulnerable to bumps and road debris. Make sure your wheels are straight before you hit icy roads: during winter months it’s important to have your wheels properly aligned so you don’t put yourself in danger or damage your tires. Your car will drive better: If you’re having trouble steering or holding onto the road during freezing temperatures, it might be because of a bad alignment.

​​2) Prevents Road Accidents

For those who live in cold-weather regions, winter tires are an essential tool for driving safely during snowy and icy conditions. Yet once you have invested in these tires, it’s imperative that you also have your wheels aligned correctly. Poorly aligned wheels can throw off your vehicle’s balance on snowy or icy roads, causing you to skid out of control. This is especially true if you drive an all-wheel-drive vehicle. 

Even standard cars can suffer problems due to improper wheel alignment; because front wheels take up more than half of a car’s weight, misalignment could lead to an imbalance in handling, oversteer (when a car turns into a turn instead of following its direction), or pulling toward one side when driving. With potential safety hazards like these at stake, aligning your wheels should be something you do immediately after purchasing new winter tires.

3) Winter Tire Alignment Prolongs Tread Life

Due to temperature changes during winter, it is a good idea to check your tire alignment every three months.

The fluctuations that occur can cause steering pull and abnormal wear on your tires, so be sure to get them checked out at least once over winter. Not only will you get more use out of your set of winter tires, but they will also last longer and provide better traction. In an ideal world, we could just swap tires for summer and winter, but most people don’t have that luxury.

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4) Winter Tire Alignment Improves Fuel Efficiency

All of us are trying to save money on gas, and by getting your tires aligned in winter, you’ll be able to drive more efficiently—reducing unnecessary tire wear, increasing your miles per gallon, and saving you money. A poorly aligned vehicle will result in fuel loss because it’s not hitting maximum efficiency while driving. An improperly-aligned car also requires greater braking power, which means that your brakes need to work harder during extended periods of time. Both of these issues require more fuel than what is necessary for a properly-aligned car; thus saving you money at the pump.

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5) Winter Tire Alignment Keeps You Safe

When your car’s wheels are misaligned, it throws your car’s weight off balance. Whether you’re accelerating or braking, bad alignment can decrease your traction and cause you to swerve more often. If you live in a place where there’s snow or ice on the road during winter, misalignment makes it even easier for your tires to lose traction. 

For help with your winter tire alignment, contact Beck’s Auto Center in Lafayette, Indiana.

In business since 1972, Beck’s expert technicians can help you prepare your car for the winter!

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