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Radiator & antifreeze repair

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Radiator & Antifreeze Repair

Cool Your Engines

The radiator is one of the most important engine components under your car’s hood. It keeps your engine cool to prevent the working parts from getting too hot, which can quickly cause serious damage.

Radiator issues are nothing to play around with. When you see a warning light on your dashboard or notice the signs of possible radiator trouble, you need to get it looked at straight away by a radiator repair shop. Neglecting this type of issue could mean replacing your engine.

How Do I Know If I Have Radiator Trouble?

Your Engine Is Overheating

Your instrument panel has a temperature gauge on it, showing how hot your engine is running. If your engine is working properly, this will stay steady once it’s warmed up.

You See a Warning Light

If your engine does overheat, a red light resembling a thermometer will come on in your instrument panel to let you know. If this happens, you’ll want to find a safe place to stop your car, considering the possibility that you may need towed to a radiator repair shop if the problem is severe.

Coolant Level Is Low

You can check your coolant level by checking the reservoir under the hood. Most modern cars have a coolant reservoir that you can see through, and there will be marks that indicate the appropriate level that the coolant should be at.

Vehicle Is Leaking Coolant

A clear sign you have an issue is if you actually see coolant leaking from the engine or if there’s a puddle underneath your car. If this is the case, you’ll want to get your vehicle looked at as soon as you can before the problem gets worse and causes serious damage.

Your Coolant Is Discolored

Depending on your vehicle, the coolant should be bright yellow, green, or red. When you inspect your coolant, make sure it’s the right color—if it’s rust or oil colored, it may have become contaminated.

Cooling System Components

Cooling issues can involve more than just your radiator. Your engine’s cooling system is comprised of many components that keep your engine running strong—and cool.

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Water Pump


Heater Core

Cooling fan

Just like it sounds, the cooling fan is a large fan in the front of your vehicle that keeps your engine and radiator cool.

Water pump

The water pump keeps the coolant flowing through the engine, without it, your engine will overheat.


The car’s thermostat will open or close to allow or block coolant from getting to the engine based on the running temperature. Once it gets hot enough, the thermostat will open, allowing the coolant to cool the engine.


The radiator works by passing coolant through its metal fins which dissipate heat and cool down the coolant so it can do its cooling work as it passes through the engine.

Heater core

The heater core is a tiny radiator that carries the hot coolant from the engine and as the heat dissipates, it’s channeled into the air vents to heat the cabin. A leaky heater core is another serious problem.

Heater valve

The heater valve will open and close to let coolant flow from the hot engine to the heater core to heat the car’s cabin. A malfunctioning valve can cause coolant leaks, it can cause erratic behavior from the heater, and it can prevent the heat from working entirely.

Freeze plugs

Freeze plugs help relieve pressure from freezing coolant inside your engine block. If you consistently use 50/50 antifreeze, this is unlikely to happen. However, sometimes, people may put water in the radiator, which can cause thin metal parts to rust and leak coolant.

Pressure cap

The pressure cap works as a pressure release valve, allowing the pressure in the coolant system to remain at the optimum peak to prevent the coolant from boiling off. A faulty radiator cap can cause anything from air entering the system to coolant leaks.

Get Expert Radiator & Antifreeze Repair

If you notice signs of a cooling system problem, don't wait! Call Beck's Auto Center right away to prevent or minimize damage to your vehicle.


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