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Factory Scheduled Maintenance

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Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Right On Schedule

If you have a newer car, you may still have a warranty that you’d like to keep valid. Apart from the obvious need of regular auto maintenance to keep your car in good working order, your car’s warranty could become void if you neglect your regular factory scheduled maintenance.

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Is Factory Scheduled Maintenance Necessary?

In short, yes. Many people downplay the importance of regular maintenance. There’s a prevailing attitude that essentially states: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However, neglecting regular maintenance greatly increases the chances of your vehicle becoming “broke,” and you can bet it’s not going to happen at a time that’s convenient for you.

Maintain Your Warranty

As stated above, maintaining your car will also maintain your warranty. Although no one can guarantee that your car will never break down, with regular maintenance, the odds are in your favor—and if your car does break down, it’ll still be under warranty.

Get Your Factory Scheduled Maintenance Done at Beck’s

We can perform your regular factory maintenance on your vehicle, whatever the make or model.

Call or text us at (765) 447-9459 for factory scheduled maintenance in Lafayette, IN!


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