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Charging, Starting & Batteries

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Charging, Starting & Batteries

You’ve Got the Power

As we all know, a battery stores power, but how does it maintain that power? In other words, what keeps your battery fully charged and capable of ensuring you can start your vehicle every time you turn the key?

That’s simple. The alternator. The alternator produces electrical current that keeps the battery charged once the car is started and provides extra voltage when needed for use running your car’s electrical components.

Not only does the vehicle have to power the lights, radio, dash lights, turn signal, etc., but drivers have personal devices that often need charged in the car as well. This includes charging MP3 players, cell phones, laptops, DVD players, etc.

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Battery Cables




Your battery is the beating heart of your vehicle. It provides the electricity to start the car as well as the stabilizing voltage to keep your electrical systems running. Without a functioning battery, you won’t have a functioning vehicle.

Fixed Alternators

As mentioned above, the traditional or “fixed” alternator is run from a belt powered by the engine to keep the battery charged and provide extra voltage when needed. If the alternator fails, you can limp along on battery power for a short time before your car stalls.

Smart Alternators

In order to save on energy consumption, more modern cars are incorporating a newer “smart” alternator, which conserve energy by monitoring the voltage needs of the car instead of operating at a fixed voltage. Smart alternators require different tools and methods to diagnose and repair.


Your car’s regulator does what it sounds like. It regulates the electrical current in the battery and turns the alternator on or off depending on the voltage level within the battery. A malfunctioning regulator can cause a variety of electrical issues, including components not working or even having your battery explode.


Your starter is another aptly named car part. With help from its attached solenoid, it takes battery power and transfers it to the flywheel to start the engine. If your battery is charged, the starter may be the reason of your vehicle’s failure to start.

Battery cables

The battery cables are pretty straightforward, they connect to the battery terminals to allow the flow of electricity to your vehicle’s electrical components.

Factory remote start

Who doesn’t love a remote starter on a cold, winter day? We don’t install or service aftermarket remote starters, but if your factory remote starter is giving you fits, call Beck’s so you can retain your warmth on those snowy mornings.

** We do not work on or install any aftermarket remote starter, radio, or security systems **

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