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A/C Repair

keep your cool with beck's auto center's air conditioning repair service

Air Conditioning Repair

Keep Your Cool

Just like with any other problem, you don’t want to wait until the first hot day to discover your AC isn’t up to par. It wouldn’t be any fun showing up to a job interview, a date, or the first day of class as a sweaty mess. Keeping up on auto AC repair service will give you your best shot at receiving that refreshing blast of cold air you need to get from point A to point B without ending up sitting in a puddle.

What’s Included in Auto AC Repair Service?

beck's auto center lafayette flushes your cars ac system whenever the ac compressor is replaced

Flush the AC system

This isn’t always necessary to have done, but your AC system can be flushed in order to clean the inside of the system. This is also done whenever the AC compressor is replaced.

as part of your typical ac service, beck's auto center will ensure your ac system recharged

Top off the Refrigerant

One of the most minor and common reasons for lackluster AC performance is a system in need of a recharge. A part of your typical AC service is to have your system recharged.

beck's will check your vehicles clean blower unit & condenser coil

Clean Blower Unit & Condenser Coil

The blower unit fan should be cleaned to remove any clogs and dust. The condenser coil is for removing heat from the car’s cabin. It can be cleaned with a high-pressure water jet.

changing the compressor oil is all a part of your auto ac repair service at beck's auto center lafayette indiana

Replace the Compressor Oil

A large number of AC issues is a result of neglecting to replace the oil in your AC compressor. But never fear! Changing the compressor oil is all a part of your auto AC repair service.

beck's auto center lafayette will replace your vehicles cabin air filter as needed

Replace the Cabin Air Filter

Just like the air filter in your house, your car’s AC filter cleans the air that comes into the cabin so that air impurities don’t reach you and your family in your seats.

beck's auto center will check your vehicles ac systems electrical connections

Check Electrical Connections

Another more straightforward part of the service is making sure the electrical connectors are undamaged and securely attached. It won’t matter if your AC system is in perfect working order if it won’t turn on.

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Can't say enough good things. Within a couple of hours I was sent a website link to the full diagnostics on my car. I picked the work I wanted done and opted out of what I didn't want with no argument. The clear explanation of what was critical vs. what could wait, was awesome. The place is CLEAN, too, and the people behind the counter are friendly. Definitely a 5-star experience.

- Amy Raley

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