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Are Your Tires Ready for Spring Break?

Spring Break trips are just around the corner and those who will be driving to their final destination will want to make sure their tires are ready. When it comes to inspecting or replacing your tires let your Lafayette area tire shop help you stay safe in your travels.

Check Your Tires Before Hitting the Road

Beck's helps you plan for your spring break

So before you pack the kids and the luggage into your vehicle check out these tips on how to ensure your tires will keep your family safe when on the road.

  • Check tire pressure regularly. Be sure it is at the recommended level. Over or under inflated tires can cause handling problems, are less fuel efficient, and will shorten the life of the tire.
  • Rotate tires as recommended. Have your local tire shop rotate your tires regularly.  This allows them to wear more evenly and extends the life of the tire. The amount of traction your tires provide give you the ability to turn safely and stop in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Inspect tires monthly. Check tread depth and look for uneven wear, cracks, or blemishes. Getting maximum traction from your tires ensures that you remain in control of your vehicle even when faced with tough conditions like snowy or slushy roads.
  • Do a test drive and pay attention to how your car rides. When your tires have good tread, are balanced properly, and are filled to the proper pressure, you can feel the difference in the way your car drives.  It feels smooth and composed.  If you notice any shaking or sluggish handling, your tires may be the culprit. Have your vehicle checked by a trained technician at your local tire shop.

Good Tires Provide Comfort

Knowing that your vehicle is safe, more fuel efficient, handles better, and will get good traction in inclement weather is very comforting.  It’s worth noting that doing these recommended steps can significantly extend the life of your tires, ultimately giving you more to spend on that family vacation.

Beck’s Checks Tires

Checking a tire at Beck's Auto Center

On your next visit to Beck’s Auto Center, your Lafayette area tire shop, we’ll thoroughly inspect your tires as part of our standard multi point inspection.  We’ll inform you on the condition of your tires so you will know when in the future you’ll need to replace them.

If you are looking for new tires follow this link to our new Find Tires app.

Caleb and John took a break after touring the Toyo Tire Exhibit in Las Vegas.  Beck’s Auto Center is an authorized Toyo Tire dealer.  To learn more about the tires they offer go to Toyo Tires.

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