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Leave it to the Pros – Auto AC

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Remember that time you “fixed” your brother’s bicycle, only to have him fall on his face as the handlebars slid out of place? Well…perhaps your mechanical aptitude has improved since then, but there are still times when it’s best to rely on a trusty mechanic. 

AC repair is one of those times.

Stay tuned as Beck’s Auto Center lets you know why AC repair problems are best left to a professional to avoid injury or further damage to your vehicle. Our auto repair shop in Lafayette, Indiana has been helping folks like you since 1972! Read on to learn more.

Is it Hot in Here, or Is it Just Me?

You keep telling yourself, “The car IS pretty old. Another 5 minutes, and maybe it’ll cool off in here.” But after your commute to work, your little hatchback is turning into a fishbowl from the amount of sweat you produced during the ride. 

This is a pretty good indicator that your car’s AC could use some love.

But you’ll want to think twice before digging around under the hood to try and fix an AC issue.

The Nitty Gritty

Let’s get right down to it. Your car’s AC is a complicated assortment of hoses, belts, chemicals, and mechanical parts. 

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it may cause worse injuries than when you fixed your brother’s bike, and it may lead to further damage to your car’s AC components that could cost you thousands of dollars.

The DIY Recharge Kit Façade

If you’ve been doing your research, you’ve undoubtedly seen plenty of AC recharge kits online for a steal. 

And that’s exactly what it is—a steal.

Compared to the cost of having a proper service done, these DIY kits can look awfully inviting. But remember: if it seems too good to be true…it probably is. And there are 4 main reasons for this. 

  1. Physical and Environmental Harm – The refrigerant in your car’s AC system is harmful to the environment—and to you. Particularly with older cars that use freon, leaking refrigerant into the atmosphere is harmful to the environment. And if you come into contact with or inhale the gas, there’s a variety of nasty health hazards, including death.
  2. Incompatible refrigerant – Not all cars use the same type of refrigerant. If you top off your coolant with the wrong kind, you could be in for some dangerous chemical interactions that could cause injury or damage to your AC system.
  3. Harmful stop leak additive – Although something called stop leak sounds like a quick and easy way to fill leaks in your system, it doesn’t always work out that way. Much of the time it either doesn’t stop the leak, or it stops the leak…along with the rest of your AC system! Stop leak can end up clogging hoses, seals, and pumps, resulting in some expensive damage.
  4. Overcharging the system – DIY kits don’t have the ability to properly measure the amount of refrigerant in the system—only the pressure from one side of it! That means you could end up overcharging the system, which will cause you to land at the repair shop in the end, anyway.

Don’t Cover it Up!

prevent further ac problems by having you leak repaired by auto experts

Now here’s the real reason to trust the auto repair pros. Even if you’re able to successfully recharge your AC and it’s blasting a fresh wave of arctic delight from your vents…how long will it last? Refrigerant doesn’t just evaporate into thin air—just like the air in your brother’s bicycle innertube, it leaks. 

If you merely top off or replace your refrigerant, you still haven’t fixed the leak yet. Just like how you had to finally remove the wheel and patch up your brother’s innertube with duct tape, you’ll have to find and repair the source of the leak or you’ll just lose your refrigerant again. 

Let the Pros Handle it!

Fast forward to the present day. You and your brother are grown up now, and you know your capabilities and limitations. Bicycle problems are no match for you, and your brother is old enough to fix his own bike. But the hot air blowing from your AC is a job for an experienced auto repair shop in Lafayette, Indiana like Beck’s Auto Center! Ditch the difficulties and give us a call at (765) 447-9459 to get your AC blowing frosty cold again!

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