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Air Conditioning & Heating Auto Repair

The Right Atmosphere

There’s nothing worse on a sweltering day than climbing into your car-turned-oven and feeling yourself losing weight as you try and grip your keys with your sweaty hands. Of course, maybe you’re a warm weather person and your worst fear is getting in your icebox of a vehicle and shivering as your heater fails to warm your car well past the time it took for the engine to become warm.

Whatever extreme you’re dealing with, we can help return your vehicle to a state that’s less suitable for preparing or preserving food…

Auto AC Repair Service
Auto Heater Repair Service

Auto AC Repair Service

Although air conditioning is considered a “creature comfort” rather than a basic need…you may believe otherwise. However, AC systems are very complex and require special tools and expertise to get it repaired effectively and in an environmentally friendly way.

This complex system includes a host of different parts that could be the culprit of the issues you’re experiencing.

  • Seals, O-rings, and hoses
  • Compressors, compressor clutches
  • Evaporators, condensers
  • Driers, receivers, and accumulators
  • Switches, controls, Dual Climate
  • Control
  • Blower motors, resistors
  • Climate Controls/ Dual Climate Controls
  • Actuators
  • Mode doors
  • HVAC Control Box Operations
  • Heater core-heat only
  • Thermostat
  • Water pump
  • Blower motor operation
  • Heated and Cooled Seat Operation

When Do I Need Auto
AC Repair?

  • AC isn’t putting out cold air – Ok, so this one is obvious. It may be as simple as having your refrigerant recharged, but there’s a variety of issues that may be causing this.

  • Foul odor coming from the vents – This could mean mold is in the system.

  • Strange sounds or rattles when AC is on – Many things could cause this—a clogged fan or a worn-out condenser or fan belt.

  • Water stains or puddles under the dashboard – You may have a leaky drain hose or more.

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