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5 Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

Everyone hates bringing their car into the auto repair shop, but everyone knows that tune-ups and oil changes are important to keeping your vehicle running smoothly. 

If you’re wondering when you should bring your car in, your trusty auto repair shop in Lafayette, IN brings you these 5 signs your car needs a tune-up. Plus, you’ll learn what maintenance items are included in a tune-up and why they’re so important to your engine and transmission.

1) When the check engine light comes on

The check engine light can indicate any number of problems, but what’s important is that you take it seriously. Make sure to have your car looked at by an auto repair shop when your check engine light notifies you of an issue. If left unchecked, these issues could lead to more serious and expensive repairs down the road.

2) Unusual sounds

It’s not uncommon for drivers to ignore warning signs of their car’s imminent demise, so be wary of unusual sounds coming from your engine! 

While some sounds may not be cause for immediate concern, such as pinging or knocking (common during low RPMs), others, like squealing and grinding gears, can be signs that your car is going to break down soon. In these cases, take your vehicle to an auto repair shop right away. Remember: better safe than sorry!

3) Increased fuel consumption

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As vehicles age, their parts wear out and become less efficient. If your car burns through gas more quickly than it used to, there’s a good chance your vehicle’s ignition system needs some maintenance. It could be time for a tune-up! Discussing these issues with your local auto repair shop can give you some clarity on whether you need a tune-up or not.

4) Performance issues

As your vehicle gets older, you may start to notice it’s not performing as well as it used to. If your car is losing power, or it’s using more gas than usual, don’t ignore these signs—have them checked out by a professional. The tune-up can help ensure that your vehicle is running at peak performance levels and will extend its life.

5) Rough Idle

A rough idle is one of several signs that your car may need a tune-up. This sign might be hard to spot if you’re not used to listening for it, but there are many ways to identify it. One of these methods is keeping an eye on your fuel economy. If your car has a rough idle and you notice decreased fuel efficiency, something is amiss. In particular, be on guard if you find yourself refilling your tank more often than usual or needing to stop more frequently along your route.

Tune Up with Confidence in Lafayette, Indiana

You can trust our expert mechanics at Beck’s Auto Center to give your vehicle exactly what it needs during its tune-up. Your vehicle is a valuable asset, and you want to take care of it with maintenance services from experts who know how to keep engines running at peak performance. 

We have over 50 years of experience in automotive repairs and we’re proud to offer top-notch services in Lafayette, IN, and surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment online or call us at 765-447-9459 today!

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