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Forewarned Is Forearmed

This old proverb is especially true when purchasing a used car, truck or SUV. Buying a used vehicle has its advantages, but it also comes with a lot of questions and a degree of uncertainty.

Beck's brake inspection checklist

•    How safe is the vehicle?
•    Is the vehicle reliable?
•    What is the maintenance history and future maintenance schedule?
•    Are there any potential repairs needed?
•    Am I inheriting someone else’s problems?

Gain “Peace of Mind” and “Bargaining Power”

Having a used vehicle inspected by a certified technician, prior to buying it, is a great way to learn more about the vehicle and gaining some degree of “peace of mind”.

Also getting feedback from a knowledgeable third party about the vehicle’s overall condition can provide “bargaining power” when negotiating the final deal on your purchase.

Beck’s Pre-Purchase Inspection

Beck’s Auto Center offers a complete Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection that includes:

take your new car to becks auto center in lafayette indiana for a pre-purchase inspection

•    Test Drive
Listen for unusual sounds; test cruise and lane departure controls, anti-lock brake/traction control system, and transmission and driveline

•    Vehicle Operation
Check all interior electrical items, inspect tires, brakes, suspension, lighting (interior/exterior), fluid samples, visually inspect under vehicle and in engine compartment, review diagnostic trouble codes

•    Vehicle Damage
Inspect for accident damage and water intrusion

•    Pending Maintenance
Determine current and future maintenance requirements

Other Tips For Making A Good Buying Decision

Here are some other suggestions that will make your used car buying experience a more confident one.

•    Always check the CarFax.

•    Reference Kelly Blue Book on your vehicle’s price and current value.

•    Contact your insurance agent about estimates on your new vehicle.

•    Buy from a reputable dealer with an established track record in your community.

Take Advantage of Our Offer

Let us eliminate some of the concerns and questions you have on your next used vehicle purchase.  Take advantage of our Pre-Purchase Inspection offer. (See Coupon).  We’ll make sure you are comfortable with the purchase of your next car, van, SUV or truck.

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