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How do I get service for my European car?

You didn’t buy a European car for the price. You didn’t buy it for the availability of parts. And you certainly didn’t buy it to fit in with the other row of SUVs on your block. You wanted something different, something exceptional. You love the grip as you go around corners—and the styling and features you don’t find on your traditional domestic vehicle. 

But with all that eccentricity comes the difficulty of finding a certified mechanic to work on your Euro ride. The nearest dealership may be in another city, perhaps even 3 hours away. On top of that, going to the dealership means dealership prices. 

Your pricey ride just got pricier.

Good thing there’s Beck’s Auto Center, your auto repair shop in Lafayette, IN! 

European Car Challenges

Not all auto mechanics are equipped for or willing to work on European cars. Although plenty of European brands are pretty commonplace on American roads, issues like part availability and specialized expertise can leave you looking around for a shop that will work on your fine-tuned machine. 

Domestic and Japanese cars are so common that you can take them just about anywhere for repairs and maintenance, but certain European brands are not so easy to get fixed up here in the good old USA. For instance, your typical repair shop is used to seeing Buicks, Fords, Hondas, and Toyotas, and they’ll be mostly well stocked when it comes to commonly needed parts for brake repair or engine repair for these very standard vehicles. 

But if you bring in a classic Volvo…don’t expect the red-carpet treatment. It’s not that a particular shop has anything against your exotic brand, but unless you have an uncommon amount of Volvo drivers in your area, chances are they’ll need to order parts. And they may need extra time to fix an engine or coolant system they aren’t used to working on.

How Do I Get Factory Maintenance on My European Car?

Never fear! Whether you need a speedy repair or you’d like to get your factory scheduled maintenance done without driving to Chicago or Indianapolis, Beck’s Auto Center is trained on a wide variety of European models. 

We’ll even take care of all of your factory scheduled maintenance to keep your car going strong—and keep your warranty from expiring. 

Avoid the Dealership!

Another thing to consider is the dealer markup when you have your repairs done at the dealership. There’s an unfortunate trend with car dealerships, where there’s some kind of perceived value to having the car brand attached to the repair service. However, we’ll give you the same service, for a fraction of the price. 

Get your European full synthetic oil change done at Beck’s Auto Center with tire rotation, fluid top off, and an additional inspection of key components!

European Car Owners – Your Auto Repair Shop in Lafayette, IN

We’d love to take care of your European ride! From Volkswagens and Audis to Volvos and even Saabs, we’ll do our best to make your maintenance and repairs an easy, breezy experience. Just contact your neighborhood auto repair shop in Lafayette, IN at (765) 477-9459.

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