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It’s Spring, But What’s That Noise I Hear?

Spring is in the air and after the long, cold winter we’ve just been through, everyone is looking forward to getting outside again.  In fact, the outdoor temps are getting so nice, we are now rolling down our car and/or truck windows to enjoy the nicer weather.

But What’s That Noise I Hear?

With the windows down what’s that squeak, that rattle, that grinding sound you hear each time you hit a pot hole or make a turn.  You may even find that your automatic windows and other accessories that you haven’t used in months don’t work properly either.

Cold weather and rough roads can lead to an array of different noises that indicate something is amiss.  Squeaks, rattles, rubbing or grinding sounds may be an indication of …

  • Engine belts that need replacing
  • Bearings are worn out
  • Your suspension needs lubricating or repaired
  • The steering system requires attention
  • Or your vehicle is out of alignment

Hard Starts, Rough Idling or Stalling

If your vehicle has hard starts, rough idling or stalling, these can be indications of a weak battery or poor battery connection; the fuel system needs cleaning; or its time for a tune up.

Coolant leaks could be the result of the toll salt and brine take on hoses and clamps under your vehicle — particularly if your vehicle is a little older.  Hoses may need to be replaced or clamps might just need tightening.

Mechanical problems with electronic locks, windows and other accessories can also arise after a long winter of little use.   Getting these in good working order will alleviate a lot of ongoing aggravation.

Don’t Ignore Unspring-Like Sounds

These unspring-like sounds should not be ignored.  They could be an indication of bigger problems, that if not addressed, could lead to your vehicle becoming unsafe and to higher repair expenses down the road.

Spring Break Prep Offer On Through March

If you’re hearing funny noises you can still take advantage of our Spring Break Prep Offer that runs through the end of March.

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