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Power Steering Fluid Service

it’s best to prevent power steering issues in the first place with power steering fluid service from beck’s auto center lafayette indiana

Power Steering Fluid Service

The Power of Direction

We tend to think of our cars and trucks as having 4 wheels, but that’s neglecting one of the most important wheels on your car—the steering wheel. Without the ability to steer, the other 4 wheels aren’t going to be able to get you where you’re wanting to go. That’s why it’s so important to maintain your power steering pump.

While safety regulations require manufacturers to allow you to drive without power steering, it’s only a safety precaution—and quite the workout! If your power steering goes out while you’re on the road, you’ll want to drive it straight home or to a trusty auto mechanic. Of course, it’s best to prevent power steering issues in the first place with power steering fluid service from Beck’s Auto Center.

Do I Need Power Steering Service?

  • Your power steering warning light comes on
  • You hear a whining noise when turning the steering wheel
  • Your power steering is jerky
  • It’s hard to turn the steering wheel
  • You find puddles under your car
  • You’ve exceeded the manufacturer’s recommended timeline for replacement

What Is a Power Steering Fluid Service?

Your car’s power steering system requires fluid to provide hydraulic pressure to turn the wheels. Over time, this fluid, like any other fluid in your vehicle, will gather contaminants over time, become dirty, and ultimately become less effective. You may also have a leak in the system somewhere, which will need tracking down to prevent your power steering from becoming damaged or failing altogether.

We can inspect your power steering system and provide you with a fluid change to refresh your system to help keep it turning smoothly and help prevent problems in the future.

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