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Radiator Antifreeze Service

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Radiator Antifreeze Service

Maintain Your Cool

Without a well-working radiator, your vehicle would quickly overheat, potentially causing damage to your engine. Keeping this vital vehicle component in working order is a great way to prevent getting stranded on the highway with a cloud of smoke coming from your engine compartment.

Apart from the cooling system itself, the antifreeze within your cooling system carries a lot of the weight when it comes to preventing overheating and—hence the name—preventing freezing. This means a clean coolant system and clean antifreeze means a healthy engine.

Why Should I Get Radiator Antifreeze Service?

  • Helps prevent overheating
  • Better functioning cooling system
  • Coolant lasts longer
  • Improved performance
  • Corrosion damage protection
  • Extends water pump life
Radiator Caution
  • Always ensure you never check your cooling system when it is operating temperature.
  • This could be extremely harmful to you and any one around you at that time.
  • The best method is to check system when it completely cooled down.

What’s Involved in Radiator Antifreeze Service?

Depending on your vehicle, its age and mileage, and the result of our inspection, we can drain or flush your coolant to refresh your coolant and/or clean out your coolant system of debris and other contaminants.

beck's auto center can drain or flush your coolant to refresh your coolant and/or clean out your coolant system of debris
Coolant Drain and Refill

A quick and simple way to maintain your cooling system, a lot of the time—and depending on your manufacturer’s regular maintenance schedule—a quick drain and refill will refresh your engine coolant.

Coolant Flush & Treatment

If your cooling system has debris, rust, or sediment buildup, we may recommend a coolant flush, which will clean your entire coolant system with a chemical treatment as it pushes out any debris or clogs within.

With our process, we use a 2-step cooling system kit from True Brand® for cooling system flushes that includes a cooling system treatment to protect your system into the future.

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