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Spring Has Sprung…Or Is That My Car?

Spring is a season of rebirth, rejuvenation, and, in some cases, revelation. In our personal lives, spring can be a wonderful catalyst for discovering new hobbies, focusing on self-improvement, or merely enjoying a reprieve from winter weather. 

But as we open our car windows for the first time in months to let in the fresh air…it can reveal a few things about our cars as well…

Beck’s Auto Center, an auto repair shop in Lafayette, IN, would like to walk you through a few things to watch out for this spring as you begin letting in the fresh air!

The Sounds of Spring

We love all the musical tones of life blossoming once more during the thawing of winter. With windows open, we can now hear the birds singing, water bubbling in streams or running off from melting snow piles. 

But when we drive our cars for the first time, those open windows can bring with it some new sounds…coming from your car. 

It’s no mystery that winter weather can wreak havoc on your beloved automobile. And once you’re no longer cuddled up in your well-heated car, the effects of the harsh weather now become more noticeable.

But never fear! 

If you take action quickly, many of these potential problems will be nothing more than a quick bit of maintenance. So it’s always a good idea to have your car looked over during these seasonal shifts to keep your car on the road, rather than in the shop!

Keep it Down Back There!

This sentence may sound familiar for anyone with children. But what if you turned around to find your child soundly sleeping…and not making the faintest peep? 

Uh oh…that’s the car.

Whether it’s a squealing, a rattling, or a “thunking,” new, unnatural sounds are never good news. While it may not be an emergency, you can be sure that any noise that’s left unchecked can cost you big bucks later on.

What Kind of Sounds Should I Watch Out For?

This is perhaps the only fun part about diagnosing car issues. We hear plenty of new and unique descriptive words from folks trying to explain their automotive concerns. But we’ll try and narrow it down to the classics! These sounds could be many things depending on when they’re happening.

  • Rrr, rrr, rrr – When you go to start your car and it slowly grumbles as it turns over, you may want to look into replacing your battery. Winter weather can cause your battery to feel a bit drowsy over time, and if it’s at the end of its life, you’ll notice it struggling to get moving. 
  • Squealing – If this happens during braking, it could be your brake pad warning tabs letting you know that you’ll need new pads soon. But if it’s under the hood, you could be in the market for a new serpentine belt, which needs dealt with right away!
  • Whir, whir, whir – If you’re hearing this sound as you’re cruising down the road, you could be in for a variety of different problems. You could have rubbing brakes, maligned suspension parts, or perhaps you have something stuck in your wheel well.
  • Grinding – A grinding noise as you drive along could also be rubbing brakes. If it’s happening just when you brake, you may need new pads—soon! If it happens as you drive, it could be a stuck caliper or a failed wheel bearing—both need fixed soon!
  • Whining – Hearing a whining sound when turning the wheel usually means you have power steering issues. You may be able to quiet it down by putting more fluid in the reservoir, but if you’re leaking power steering fluid, you should get it checked to make sure there’s not a problem that could cause you to lose your steering altogether! 
  • Low Rumbling – A low rumbling sound coming from under your car can mean your exhaust system has been damaged. This could be a small hole, a disconnected part, or a severe rupture. Depending on the nature of the damage, this could simply be an annoyance, or you could have a poorly functioning car. It’s best to have this looked at to see if it’s a cause for concern.

Your Auto Repair Shop – Lafayette, IN

We hope you enjoyed this comical portrayal of springtime car concerns. But we know that car trouble is no laughing matter, and we’d be happy to listen to your best impression of the noise you’re hearing and do our best to get it repaired! Just give Beck’s Auto Center a call at (765) 447-9459.

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