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Battery tips from your local auto repair shop in lafayette indiana

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Car Battery Healthy This Winter

Local Auto Repair Shop Lafayette, Indiana | Why Your Battery Needs Attention Before Winter

The oncoming winter months mean snowmen, sledding, hot cocoa… and your battery dying in a blizzard. 

Oh, cold snap!

Don’t worry. Beck’s Auto Center is your friendly auto repair shop in Lafayette, IN. We’re armed with winter weather prep tips to keep your battery fresh through the cold months.

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Is my battery frozen or did the cold just zap it?

What Happens When My Car Battery Freezes?

A new battery at full capacity can resist very cold temperatures. Think -80 degrees, brrrr! As the battery ages, the strength of its charge decreases. Once your battery wears down, it doesn’t charge fully.  One chilly night (or morning before work) will zap its power! 

Whether your battery fails on a stormy winter night or a cool autumn day, this can cause some pretty big problems. For one, if you can’t start your car when you need to go somewhere, the inconvenience of finding a ride (or taking public transportation) is a frustrating mess. Not to mention the implications of missing your next crucial meeting!

A failing battery needs either maintenance or replacement. Some batteries can be recharged. It’s often easiest to get a replacement.

Battery Insights from Our Auto Repair Shop Technicians

Many people may have little or no knowledge about what is in a car battery that makes it work. 

The most common type is the flooded lead-acid battery. Car batteries are made of six cells containing alternating plates of lead, the anode, lead oxide, and the cathode. These are submerged in a bath of sulfuric acid electrolyte, or “battery acid.”  

AGM (absorbed glass mat) are a less common type of car batteries that also use six lead-acid cells with a gel electrolyte trapped in fiberglass mats. 

Your car batteries provide electricity for your car, making it possible for the starter to turn the engine over and the alternator to recharge the battery as you drive. 

How Do I Keep A Car Battery Warm In Cold Weather Conditions?

If you neglect your battery’s needs during this inclement season, it may end up costing you more than just hard earned money. Beck’s Auto Center technicians frequently hear our customers’ woes of being stranded in the bitter cold due to a bad battery. We want you to stay safe! Here are some tips for maintaining your battery in these cold months:

  • Keep the car’s gas tank at least half full to prevent condensation from building up and harming your battery.
  • Park your vehicle in a garage when possible. 
  • Park in an area where there’s plenty of sun when you have to park outdoors. This can produce enough warmth for your engine and cabin to keep the battery warm.
  • If possible, avoid parking under trees or near buildings since their shade can cause similar problems with heat loss.
  • Keep your engine running when you’re parked outside on cold days. This will help heat up the cabin and will also use some of the energy from the battery.
  • Test your vehicle battery regularly.

Our auto repair shop in Lafayette, Indiana is here to help you with all of your vehicle maintenance needs. Should you encounter any issues with your battery, please contact us. Our team will work to get you back on the road without delay. Services like loaner vehicles and shuttle rides ensure you keep your day going. Vehicle maintenance at Beck’s Auto Center doesn’t require a day away from your busy schedule! 

Be prepared
for any type of weather!

Winter is not the easiest season for drivers. The rapidly changing weather and inconsistent driving conditions make for a stressful time. It’s important to be prepared for any type of weather.

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