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Tire Maintenance


Tire Maintenance

Maintain Your Grip

We tend to neglect our tires until something goes wrong. They’re among those trusty car parts that we don’t really think about till one goes flat—or wintertime comes around and you have no traction! But tires are regular wear and tear items that not only need replaced periodically, but they also need to be maintained at a tire service center for the best life, performance, and safety.

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Tire Rotations

Tire rotation service changes the position of each of your tires to help even out the wear. Each tire will wear in a certain way based on where it is on the vehicle. Over time, the regular movement will wear the tire down in a particular way. Periodically rotating them will prevent wear in the same place all the time so you extend the life of your tires. It’s generally recommended to rotate your tires at each oil change.

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Uneven Wear

There are plenty of things that contribute to uneven tire wear. If you drive on underinflated or overinflated tires, you will gradually wear them down unevenly. Overinflated tires will wear in the middle of the tire, and underinflated tires will wear on the edges of the tire. There are mechanical issues that can contribute to this as well. So if you notice uneven wear and your tire pressure is at the appropriate level, you may want to get your vehicle’s alignment or steering/suspension parts looked at by a professional tire service center.

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Winter Tires

If you have winter tires, remember to change them out between seasons. Winter tires are meant for giving you extra traction in the snow, but on paved roads, they aren't very economical. And if you're in the market for winter tires, browse our tires for sale.

Brand New Tires

Beck’s Auto Center is proud to offer 7 of the top lines of tires available. We are able to provide each customer with the best possible tire for their vehicle and driving situation.

if you have a slow leak or your tire light is on, come on into beck’s tire repair shop to have it assessed


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I guess this place is one of the best businesses in Lafayette area. Happy people working in great atmosphere, that's usually when you know you're in the right spot. Simply had my oil change and tire rotation done, and they offered more with a reasonable price.

- Yukun Wang

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