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What Do I Look For When Purchasing a New Vehicle?

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Autumn is well on its way now, which means you’ll be looking to make sure your vehicle is good and ready to take on the arctic weather that’s not far away. For some people, that means saving your pennies for a fresh, new-to-you ride.

Beck’s Auto Center, your trusty auto repair shop in Lafayette, IN, wants to give you a little help and guidance when it comes to finding an affordable but safe and reliable vehicle.

New or New to Me?

You definitely have some peace of mind when buying a car brand new. A newer vehicle is fresh and less likely to run into issues from wear and tear and from being out in the elements for years. There is also a warranty to keep you on the road should something break within that period. 

While this is all nice, there are other things to take into consideration. 

The initial price might put you out right away, and it may be difficult to get financed. If money is tight already, you may get financed only to have trouble making payments. This is before even considering the cost of insurance and registration—both of which are more expensive for newer cars.

What Kind of Car Do I Really Need?

While buying brand new may be appealing as you take a whiff of that “new car smell” and see that shiny new paint job, but what do you really need?

If you have a family, you may have other expenses that keep your wallet a bit light. And don’t forget the need to carry your family to school, events, road trips, etc. You can get a lot more car (mini van?) for your money if you’re willing to go after a preowned vehicle. 

While the flashy new sports car may be more appealing, a reliable sedan or SUV might be what you really need to get where you need to go safely.

What Research Should I Do?

It’s always good to research reliability reviews from notable websites and consumer reviews to see if your potential purchase has a reputation for reliability. If the vehicle you’re looking for has a lot of bad reviews, you may want to steer clear. 

Also, when you do find a vehicle that catches your eye, make sure to check the CarFax, which will let you know if the vehicle has been in an accident along with other details. And you’ll want to look up the Kelly Blue Book value to see how much the vehicle is going for in various conditions. For instance, a vehicle in “good” condition will be worth more than a vehicle in “fair” condition. 

Gain Peace of Mind & Bargaining Power

The biggest thing you need to watch for with a used car is its history… 

  • How has it been maintained?
  • Are you inheriting someone else’s problems?
  • Is the seller being transparent about the vehicle’s issues or accident history?

Bearing these questions in mind, you can gain considerable insight into these possibilities by getting a third party to look over the vehicle prior to making a buying decision.

With full diagnostics services, you can have your potential purchase looked over from head to toe for any issues. This helps give you the peace of mind that your preowned ride will have few problems or at least point out problem areas to take care of down the line. 

Getting a vehicle looked over before buying also gives you potential bargaining power to help you save some money should you find something that will need fixed.

Your Trusty Auto Repair Shop in Lafayette IN

Wondering where to go to get that new ride checked out before laying the money on the table? Beck’s Auto Center, your auto repair shop in Lafayette, IN, is here to keep vehicles in their best condition. That includes checking them out before you buy! Come on down or get in touch at (765) 447-9459 to schedule an appointment.

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