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Window Operations

beck’s auto center lafayette specializes in all of your vehicle’s window/lock/handle operations

Window Operation Repairs

Some Fresh Air

The ability to open the windows is very useful and sometimes important while driving a car. And what’s worse, the inability to open the windows—or close a window that’s stuck open.

If you have a window stuck in the down position, we can help. Here at Beck’s Auto Center, we specialize in all of your vehicle’s window/lock/handle operations. We can install new window regulators, motors, switches, handles, latches, strikers, pins, bushings, hinges and much more.

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What Are Common Window Problems?

Window Motor

The power window motor supplies the electrical energy needed to move the window. If your power windows don’t move, the window motor may be the cause.

Window Regulators

The window regulator is the mechanical assembly that physically moves the window up or down. Signs of a faulty window regulator include clicking noises, slow or fast window speed, window slippage, and having to push the button many times to get it to move.

Power Window Switch

The switch, of course, causes the window to go up and down when you press it. Sometimes, these switches fail. When the switch isn’t working, you’ll know it—the window will do nothing when you press the switch.

Wiring Issues

An uncommon but not impossible problem, your window issues may be a result of damaged wiring due to exposure to the elements or an improper repair in the past.

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Always super friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I feel taken care of there and I trust them to do a good job at a competitive price.

- Patience Klecka

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