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Why Isn’t My Car Heating Up?

Ah, it’s that first crisp, cool day. Although you’re a huge fan of summer, there’s nothing like that first clear, fall day. But along with this nostalgic feeling comes a fair bit of shivering. After starting the car, you turn the knob all the way to the heat side and crank the fan up…

Ah! Nice, cold…air…still.

Oh man, the heater’s out, just in time for colder weather! Beck’s Auto Center is here to help you through common heater issues and what to look for.

Is the Switch On?

So…let’s start with the obvious. If you have the switch, knob or button turned to the heat setting and nothing is happening, you may have a problem with the controls. Depending on the design of the control, it could either be something mechanical or something electronic

If you have a mechanical control, it could be something as simple as replacing a knob. But if you have a climate control system, it could be a variety of things. Before tearing apart your dash, you might want to have someone knowledgeable look it over first. It could save you valuable time and money.

How Does the Coolant System Affect My Car’s Heat?

Your car’s coolant system is a vital part of your heater. In fact, you can almost say that the coolant system IS the heater. 

As the coolant cycles through your engine to cool it down, it naturally gathers up that heat. Car companies have made use of this in a clever way, channeling it through a small radiator inside your dashboard, blowing air on it, and cycling it through the cabin, heating you up while you drive.

If your engine coolant is low, it could have trouble moving that heat from your engine to your cabin. You’ll want to check your coolant level to make sure it’s in the full range. 

Thermostat Issues

If you have plenty of coolant but your car is still not warming up, you may want to check your temperature gauge. You may have been sitting in your car for a while, allowing it to warm up, but if you don’t see the temperature gauge move from “C,” then you may have a malfunctioning thermostat. 

Lack of heat is the least of your concerns when it comes to a malfunctioning thermostat. You could end up with an overheated engine, which could mean very expensive repairs, not to mention being without a car.

Depending on the car, this could be a pretty inexpensive repair if caught early enough. You can prevent engine failure and get your heat working again at the same time.

Your Trusty Auto Repair Shop in Lafayette IN

We hope these tips have been helpful. You don’t want to wait to get your heat fixed, especially if it’s a thermostat issue. Don’t be left without heat for this coming winter! Beck’s Auto Center, your auto repair shop in Lafayette, IN, is here to keep your vehicle in its best condition. Come on down or get in touch at (765) 447-9459 to schedule an appointment.

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